The United Kingdom Airsoft Retailers Association was formed in response to the 2006 Violent Crime Reduction bill to enable a safe method of selling Realistic Imitation Firearms (RiF's) to the UK Airsoft player market by confirming the eligibility of purchasers.

Game sites and players are free to join, to find out how and whether your eligible please view the following sections.

Player registration

Player registration is free, to become a registered airsoft player you are required to take part in three games at the same UKARA registered game site over a minimum of two months, e.g. the third game being 56 days or more after the first.

You must be over 18 years of age, live within the UK and able to provide identification such as Passport, Drivers License or Bank Statement.

Please print and complete the form clearly before supplying to your game site for validation.

Game site registration

If you operate an Airsoft game site that wishes to be become UKARA registered, please download the form below and return by email completed with your Airsoft Public Liability Insurance to the address found at the bottom of the page (please review the operational parameters 1 to 9). There is currently no charge for Game Site registration.

You will need to arrange with your insurance company for permission for UKARA to contact them by phone to confirm insured status if required. Forms should be completed and returned by the Senior game site operator, please do not duplicate returns.

Once processed your site name, web URL and address will be added to the approved sites list for the customers benefit. This will show sites that can be attended to obtain validation, and you will be issued with a UKARA stamp for validating player forms.

Please use membership numbers which are in the format of XXX12345 - three alpha characters followed by five numeric characters. The exact site-specific format should be agreed at time of registration.

Confidential information will be held on a secure database and will only be used for confirming your membership of the UKARA scheme. Failure to follow validating procedure in a professional manner will mean an immediate termination of your approved status.

To register with UKARA as a game site you must follow these operating parameters:

  1. Must have, and keep more than 20 registered eligible players ( within 6 months except in special circumstances ).
  2. Must have a venue, or authorisation to use a venue.
  3. Must have third party liability for the game of Airsoft appropriate to the terms of operation.
  4. Must run proper Airsoft Skirmishing games with players shooting players in scenarios.
  5. Must keep accurate records of all its members and their details accessible for scrutiny.
  6. Only register new players who have played 3 games over a period of time of more than 56 days (2 months) who are over 18 and have verified their home address & date of birth.
  7. Must not register players on behalf of other game sites.
  8. Will not register parents or guardians of under age players except where they qualify by right.
  9. Should realise that should legal action be taken against a retailer in association of a sale, player verification will be a major issue.

Retailer registration

To apply as a retailer please download and complete the following PDF form. All applications must be scanned with accompanying paper work and returned by email to the address found below.

Before applying you must be able to comply with section 6. Applications can take up to one working month to process.

UKARA retains the right to cancel or terminate any retailer registration without a refund should it bring UKARA directly or indirectly into disrepute, and/or trade outside standard UK business face to face and distance selling regulations.

  1. Applicants must have verifiable commercial premises.
  2. Must retail Airsoft products as one of their main product lines.
  3. Must have a business cheque account.
  4. Shall have a business insurance policy relating Airsoft to protect the retailer, employee and the customer with public liability.
  5. Must provide 2 Trade References from Airsoft Retailers or Wholesalers.
  6. Must have all the first 5 points before making an application.
  7. The business must display full contact details with a fully comprehensive list of terms and conditions of sales, which must include the legal requirements for, sales, returns, repairs, and a complaints procedure on your web site, or in its shop.
  8. Must not be acting as a sales office for a non UK firm.
  9. Must be a retailer and not a wholesaler.
  10. Must keep all processed player forms as hard copies and make available if required, or return to UKARA Admin if membership is terminated by either side.

Approved retailers & game sites

UKARA registered retailers:

308 Sniper Ltd
Airsoft World Ltd
Airsoft Zone Ltd
Allsorts Airsoft
Alpha Guns London Ltd
Arcalis Ltd Airsoft Quartermaster
Battlezone Airsoft
Bespoke Airsoft Ltd
Bomb Up Airsoft & TTPC Ltd
Bullseye Country Sport
BZ Paintball Supplies T/A BZ Tactical
Combat Action Games
Combat And Milsim Ops Ltd
Combat-UK http://WWW.COMBAT-UK.COM
Crawley Surplus Store
D and B Militaria
Daves Custom Airsoft Ltd
Defcon Airsoft
Eagle6 Ltd
Elite Shooting Centre
Extreme Airsoft WBAV EVENTS LTD
Firesupport Ltd
JD Airsoft Ltd.
Just BB Guns Ltd
Land Warrior Airsoft
Laser Combat Ops Ltd
Manchester Airsoft
Military 1st (MMG Trading Ltd)
Milspec Solutions Ltd
MPA Enterprises Ltd
Outdoor Pursuits - Battletec International Ltd
Patrol Base Limited
Platoon Stores
Red 1 Airsoft Limited
RedWolf Airsoft (UK) Ltd
Rules of Engagement ( O I W STEELS )
Socom Tactical
Tactical Airsoft UK Ltd
UK Airsoft Ltd
Urban Airsoft Store
Wolf Armouries Ltd
Zero One Airsoft Ltd

UKARA registered game sites:

Ambush Adventures AAA
Northeast Tactical Action Centre AAC
Arena Airsoft AAL
Ace Airsoft War Games AAW
THE BUNKER (Aber Airsoft) ABA
Airborne 101 Airsoft Club ABI
Ace Combat ACA
Airsoft GB AGB
Action Wargames AHT
Absolute Airsoft ALA
Ancaster Leisure Enterprises ALE
Alpha 55 ALP
Ambush Activities trading name of Ambush Paintball AMB
Apocalypse Airsoft APO
Airsoft Cardiff ARC
Raw War Airsoft ASC
ASD Events (Slaughter House) ASD
ACE Target Sports ATS
AWA Herts Airsoft AWA
Bristol Airsoft BAM
Battleground Airsoft BAS
Bus Airsoft Team BAT
Battle Grounds Scotland Ltd BBA
Better Battles BBG
Beacon 155 BCN
Black Dagger Airsoft BDA
Black Hills Airsoft BHA
Badlands Airsoft BLS
Bunker Airsoft South Wales BNK
Bristol Activity Centre . Black Ops Cribbs Ltd BOC
Bravo Romeo Airsoft BRA
Brit Tactical Airsoft Ltd BRT
Bravo Two Two Airsoft Ltd t Ltd ta Bravo 22 BRV
Battle Stations Activities Ltd BSA
Battle Sector X Ltd BSX
Bournemouth University Airsoft Society BUA
Bush Valley Airsoft BVA
Dropzone Airsoft C3T
Close Action Airsoft Ltd CAA
Combat Action Games CAG
Combat Airsoft Portadown CAP
Cotswold Airsoft CAS
Cornwall Elite Airsoft CEA
Contact Front Limited CFA
Commando Elite Paintball and Airsoft CPA
Combat Paint Ball Ltd (Combat Airsoft) CPL
Combat Ready Airsoft Ltd CRA
Combat South CSA
Cardiff University Airsoft CUA
Cool Under Fire CUF
Cumbria Airsoft CUM
The Ex Site DAR
D C Active Ltd t/as Skirmish Leicester DCA
Dirty Dog Airsoft DDA
Airsporter CQB DJT
Dragons Lair Airsoft DLA
The Department CQB DPT
Black Ops. Solutions DTT
D.T.W Airsoft Ltd DTW
Dragon Valley Ltd DVA
Driver Wood Paintball DWE
Rules of Engagement EAE
Elite Action Games EAG
Enemy Down EDA
Essex Historic Military Vehicles ( HMVA ) EHM
Splatoon Paintball & Airsoft EOA
Experience Airsoft EXA
First and Only Airsoft FAO
Finmere Airsoft FAS
Fireball Squadron FBS
Friendly Fire Airsoft FFA
Free Fire Zone FFZ
The Grange ( Frogmore Grange Ltd ) FGL
Fear Masters Airsoft FMA
Ford Air Rifle Ranges ( Bravura Services Ltd T/A) FRR
FRV Airsoft FRV
Fife Wargames Ltd FWG
Goat Airsoft Ltd GAL
Gunman Airsoft Ltd GMA
Ground Zero GZA
Hard Target Airsoft HAA
Humber Airsoft HAC
Halo Mill HAL
Havoc Airsoft GB Ltd HAV
Holmbush Paintball HBA
The Hill Airsoft Ltd HIL
Hardline Airsoft HLA
Hoots Lair Airsoft Club Ltd HLW
Hammer 11 Operations HTO
Invicta Battlefield IBA
Institute of Sport � Airsoft Team IOS
Island Recon Airsoft IRA
KGB Airsoft KGB
Killhouse KHA
Lincolnshire Airsoft Club LAC
Lagan Airsoft Ltd LAG
Lindsey Airsoft LAS
Level 2 Airsoft ( CQB Airsoft Ltd ) LEV
Lock n Load LNL
Land Warrior Skirmishing LWA
Maddog Airsoft .High Harthay Outdoor Pursuits. MAD
Midlands Airsoft Wargames MAW
Matlock Combat Games MCG
The Mill Portadown Ltd MIL
Mad Mommas Airsoft MMA
Military Outdoor Adventure MOA
Hockley Airsoft Arena ( MPA Enterprises Ltd ) MPA
Mayhem South East MSE
Midwales airsoft MWA
Northern Alliance Airsoft NAA
No Limits Paintball and Laser Ltd NLP
Nomad Airsoft NOM
Northern Skirmishing Club NSC
Adrenalin Airsoft - Adrenalin North Yorkshire Ltd. NYL
OP-Tactical-UK-Events OPS
Over The Top Airsoft Club OTT
Phoenix Airsoft Adventures PAA
Pathfinder Airsoft Club PFA
Outpost Paintball POC
Player of War POW
Predator Combat Games PRE
Pistol Shrimps Airsoft Arena PSA
Predator Zone Ltd PZL
Quex Park Paintball & Outdoor Laser Tag Centre QPP
Red 1 Skirmish Ltd R1S
Paintball Extreme T/A Run Around The Woods RAW
Red Alert Paintball RED
Reaper Ops REO
R.I.F.T Airsoft RFT
Ravenshead Airsoft RHA
Rogue Airsoft ( Battlefield Live T/A) ROG
Reforger Airsoft RRG
Section 8 Airsoft. Midas Airsoft Ltd trading as S8A
Skirmish Airsoft Billericay SAB
Scarborough Airsoft Club SAC
Skirmish Exeter (Charsima Leisure) SAE
Spartan Airsoft Ltd SAL
Independence16 Ltd (Scorpion Airsoft) SAU
Spartan Airsoft South West SAW
Skirmish Central SCA
South Coast CQB SCC
Scorpion Airsoft SCO
Sabotage Events Ltd SEV
Survival Paintball Ltd SGA
Shock and Awe Airsoft Ltd SHA
Skirmish Hilton Park ( Phoenix Paintball Ltd ) SHP
Mega Leisure Ltd ta (Skirmish 51 Airsoft) SKA
Skirmish Airsoft Nottingham (UK Airsoft Ltd) SKI
Swindon Airsoft SNA
Special Ops Airsoft SOS
Skirmish Airsoft Norwich (Skirmish Paintball) SPG
Spec Ops Ltd SPO
Southern Skirmish Airsoft SSP
Stormforce Airsoft STF
University of Southampton Airsoft Society SUA
Skirmish Wycombe Airsoft SWA
Southdown Airsoft SWS
Armoury Action Air TAA
Tank Track Activity Centre TAC
A.A.A. CQB t.a Triple A Airsoft Ltd TAL
Taskforce Paintball TAS
Tazball Activities TAZ
Team Black Thistle TBT
Raptor Airsoft The Creek TCA
Tech Bregade TEC
The Foundry CQB (Leeds Airsoft Ltd) TFC
The Fort TFF
The Fight School TFS
The Gaol Events TGE
Trigger Happy Airsoft ( OakView Trading) THA
Tac House Spartan Airsoft Ltd THS
Thunderpark Paintball & Airsoft TPA
All Arms Airsoft TRA
Invasion Airsoft TRO
The Territory TTA
Tactical Warfare TWA
Torrent Warfare TWF
Southwest Paintball Ltd ( UCZ Paintball Parks ) UCZ
UPSU Airsoft Club UPA
Ultimate Airsoft LTD / Bunker 51 URL
Ultimate Wargames Limited UWG
Twisted Realities VTR
Wolf Armouries London Skirmish WAA
Ironsight Airsoft (Woodlands Outdoor Leisure Ltd) WAC
Warminster Activity Centre Ltd WAP
Site Alpha by Warchimp Industries WCI
The War Games Centre WGC
Wastelands Airsoft WLA
West Midlands Airsoft WMA
The Worx Combat Centre WRX
Sentinel Airsoft Ltd XSA
Yorkshire Tactical Airsoft YTA
Zed Events Ltd ZED

UKARA database GDPR policy and information

ICO registration No. ZA031959

  1. UKARA is a non profit making player registration system for airsoft game site members and re-enactors.
  2. The database service is an in house secure system run on UKARA own dedicated server. The programming is provided by a professional individual retained by UKARA with a non disclosure contract. Day to day data management is by a UKARA Admin representative.
  3. The player data is provided by the players game site, or re-enactment society by permission of the individual registering.
  4. Verification of the authenticity of information provided is the responsibility of the player’s registering games site or re-enactment society.
  5. The system is designed to allow retailer members of UKARA to verify the legal status of purchasers, to comply with the relevant section of the Violent Crime Reduction Act as related to Realistic Imitation Firearms.
  6. The system can also be accessed on an individual look up basis by the UK Boarder Agency to allow player imports of RiFs & 24/7 Intelligence department, Hampshire Police also in reference to imports. All retained data is accessible to the administrator and programming technical staff.
  7. Any other third-party access to data would only be permitted when the terms of the Data-Protection act have been for-filled for legal access requirements.
  8. Data saved on the system is name, date of birth, post code, email address, registration and expiry date, and information of game site or re-enactment membership organization.
  9. Retention of the data is nominal in perpetuity, although access is no longer available to non administrator, or technical staff after 3 (x years) years of a player expiring.
  10. The retention of data is to cover the retailer should the legality of a sale be challenged in the future.
  11. Data is not available, or accessible, to any third party organisation, individual, or for any other purpose than directly related to airsoft RiF purchase.
  12. Data such as email or post code may be updated by the individual give appropriate proof identity.
  13. Information held may be requested by certified application of a registrant to
  14. Player registration may be suspended by request of the player’s game site, re-enactment society, UKARA Admin or the player themselves. Although their record will remain on the database as having been registered.